Friday, July 23, 2010

Why Cyber School????

We made the transition from a traditional public school environment to a home-based public cyber school for many reasons.... most of which are difficult to explain without using offensive language. But I do feel I should offer some explanation, so in a nut shell, traditional public school had nothing to offer my student, didn't suit our families lifestyle, and we just weren't happy. My biggest concerns when I considered home schooling were meeting the states academic requirements, and TIME. I had no idea what the current standards were and I was afraid we wouldn't have time to properly instruct our exceptionally bright little student. So we reluctantly sent our little girl off to kindergarten and hoped for the best. Sending her to school felt incredibly "unnatural" to me, everything she was at that time had everything to do with my influence, as a parent you literally teach your kids everything they know, walking talking, social skills, potty training, and then our "little wonders" hit that magical age when society says we need to turn them over to people whom we know nothing about to be turned into productive citizens. I thought we did a good job with the first 5 years so it made perfect sense to me that I should be taking responsibility for her formal education as well. After doing quite a bit of research I discovered public cyber schools, and concluded that it would be the best choice for our family. The curriculum exceeds the states requirements and although it's not a traditional brick and mortar institution, it's still a public school, so there's no expense to us. So just a few months into first grade we decided we'd all had enough of institutionalized learning and we enrolled her in Commonwealth connections Academy. We've had great success with the program we use, and my daughter has better options for socialization available to her now. If you have any doubts concerning the quality of education your children may (or may not) be receiving, I recommend giving it a try.

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