My Personal Favorite Patron Saints:

I'm not Catholic but I do enjoy the vast variety of characters the Catholic church has assembled, here's a few of my favorites,

- Martin De Porres, Cosmas and Damian: hair dressers
-Eligius, Hippolytus: horse riders
-Anne, Martha: housewives
-Antony The Abbot: animals
-Catherine of Bologna: art
-The Holy Innocents, Maximus, Nicholas, Phillip of Zell: babies
-Margaret of Clitherow: business women
-Michael Argimer: cancer patients
-Augustine of Hippo, Luke, Amand, Nicholas of Myra, Wenceslaus: Brewers
-Agnes of Rome: Girl Scouts
-Monica: women
-Bassilissa, Giles: nursing mothers
-Rita of Cascia: parenthood
-Michael the Archangel: Police Officers
-Dymphna: sleep walkers
-John: slander
-Mark, Maria Goretti: teenagers
-Clare, Gabreil: TV
-Armand: wine
-Agnes- young girls

They got everybody covered!