Monday, October 18, 2010

Local Fallen Heros Ride & Pig Roast

beer line

This weekend we attended a fund raising event at the Cementon play ground created to benefit the children of Jesse Reed and Adam Keys, both were graduates of Whitehall High School.  Jesse gave his life serving our country and Adam was left severely disabled.  This event was very well organized, extremely family oriented, and had something for everyone :)  The people who organized this event are incredible people, as are the local businesses that made such grand contributions.   For $20 an adult (kids were free), it was all you could eat and drink, and the variety of food options was amazing.  There was over 300 motorcycles parked out on the grass, and roughly 1000 people came out in all.  The Chinese auction had over a hundred donated items to bid on, there was a moon bounce, face painting for the kids (free tattoos for the adults) door prizes, a live band, and beer. 

Chinese auction table

Tattoo artists were available if anyone wanted some ink, patriotic designs seemed to be the most popular.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Klein Farms Dairy Tour

 Recently I joined the Eco-Moms Alliance Group of the Lehigh Valley,  it's a group of  like minded moms pursuing an eco-friendly lifestyle. Members of this group coordinate family style outings to various places of interest in the area :)  Today we participated in our first group organized meet up event at Klein Farms Dairy & Creamery.  We made attendance of this event a priority because Zi desperately wanted to visit a farm that sold meat and dairy products that were raised and processed on site.  She was thrilled to be able to meet the cows that made the milk her yogurt smoothie was made from.    Klein farms gave our group a free tour of the premises, we saw the milking room, the cheese making kitchen, the baby cow area and the chickens.  There was also a playground and two corn mazes for the kids.  One corn maze was short and simple for the little kids and one was a much longer more complex maze for the big kids.  The tour was about a half an hour long and was honest and informative, and the kids had opportunities to ask questions (which was important to Zi).  After the tour, the group took a hay ride up to the pumpkin patch, then everyone was treated to product samples in the farm store.  We came home with a cooler bag full of milk, cheeses, yogurt and beef, and the prices were reasonable :) We were very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be present for the birth of a beautiful baby calf during our visit, and that made the day extra special :)   I think we'll make this a regular thing.

The calf being born :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Anti-bacterial surface spray

Homemade spray cleaner is so easy to make, and it's so versatile you really don't need any other cleaning products :) 

Mix equal parts water, vinegar, and vodka in an empty plastic spray bottle, and go clean something!

You can add 30 drops of your favorite essential oil if you'd like a scented cleaner, lavender and orange are nice :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Did they really post that?.......WTF

Seriously, I get it,  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.   But when it's a rude or deliberately hurtful opinion (in the form of any sort of random derogatory remark), directed at another human being, it's just bad manners, plain and simple.  Don't try to justify this behavior as some sort of social mores, some of us know better :P  

I have a love/ hate relationship with Facebook.  I love it because I know whats going on with all my friends and family, and I hate it for the same reason, LOL   One thing I have noticed is that I happen to know quite a few cyber bullies.  I've deleted about 50 people this year because they can't be civilized to one another online (and I don't want to see their posts on my news feed, even if the remark is'nt directed at me). I had know idea that there was an official  term for these people until it came up in my daughters Internet safety class.   Generally most people are polite and courteous with one another when speaking on the phone or in person, but they turn into animals "expressing their entitled opinions" online, almost all of which, I might add, are completely unsolicited by the target of the bully's aggression.  What happened to "if you don't have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself ?"........ :P

My little helper :)

Sooooo... I left my coffee unsupervised in another room for a few minutes to help my daughter get started with her school work, and didn't think much of it when my little guy toddled away from my side.  A few seconds later I heard an odd "lapping" noise behind me, and turned around to see my one year old standing behind me very carefully holding my cup of coffee for Rupert (our Bulldog) to drink from!   Not wanting to startle them (my boy has a history of throwing things and running when he gets caught) I causally asked him what he was doing.   He looked at me and giggled,  gently pushed Rupert away from the coffee, then toddled back to my side and handed my coffee to me with a big smile on his face :)