Friday, October 1, 2010

Did they really post that?.......WTF

Seriously, I get it,  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.   But when it's a rude or deliberately hurtful opinion (in the form of any sort of random derogatory remark), directed at another human being, it's just bad manners, plain and simple.  Don't try to justify this behavior as some sort of social mores, some of us know better :P  

I have a love/ hate relationship with Facebook.  I love it because I know whats going on with all my friends and family, and I hate it for the same reason, LOL   One thing I have noticed is that I happen to know quite a few cyber bullies.  I've deleted about 50 people this year because they can't be civilized to one another online (and I don't want to see their posts on my news feed, even if the remark is'nt directed at me). I had know idea that there was an official  term for these people until it came up in my daughters Internet safety class.   Generally most people are polite and courteous with one another when speaking on the phone or in person, but they turn into animals "expressing their entitled opinions" online, almost all of which, I might add, are completely unsolicited by the target of the bully's aggression.  What happened to "if you don't have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself ?"........ :P

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