Sunday, July 25, 2010

Out with the kids: Tika's on Main St.

We headed out with the kids last night to get some dinner and unwind.  Our favorite place to go to be a public nuisance (our kids are better behaved then we are) is Historic Bethlehem.  There's lots of restaurants to choose from with outdoor seating, a great coffee shop, and because there's so many bars there's always live free entertainment (there's always an alcohol fueled spontaneous street performance).  The restaurant we frequent most often is Tika's on Main street,  it's got a great children's menu, Hop Devil on tap, and the most incredible french fries and pulled pork sandwiches.  I also like their salads, and I'm not easy to please when it comes to lettuce, usually only my fresh garden lettuce will do.  We took advantage of the empty outdoor seating area, it was to hot outside for the other patrons, so my husband had the whole area to himself to be obnoxious with his cigar :)  The kids had a great time doggie watching, and keeping an eye out for "eccentric street performers" (eccentric is a fancy word for drunk).  While we were eating, I noticed that my favorite vintage clothing store had relocated down to Main street, so my daughter and I of course had to check out The Attic the second we finished eating.  It's a nice little shop, the old store was crowded and not accessible with a stroller, so browsing their fierce inventory of vintage fashions is so much easier now.  Then we grabbed some coffee at the Wired Gallery, looked at some of the new paintings we hadn't previously viewed and headed back out to Main street to wrap things up with some window shopping on the way back to the car.  If you'd like to view Tika's complete menu, check out the link below, I also added The Attic and the Wired Gallery links.
The Attic
Wired Cafe and Gallery


  1. No, They're never open when we're down there, I'm hoping they'll have extended hours for Music-Fest :)