Sunday, August 1, 2010

Zi's 10 dollar big Bag-O-Swag :)

Occasionally I have to share my lovely little diva with the rest of the world.  It makes me sad but it also gives me opportunities to surprise her with fun girly stuff when she returns.  This weekend she spent some time with her grandparents while I shopped for new fall inventory for Mayzi's on-line vintage boutique.  Because Zi is the world's tinniest eco-chic gal out there, everything needs to be recycled, salvaged, and of course very hip. So needless to say, a surprise from her favorite Goodwill store really lights up her face.  For a few bucks her baby brother and I were able to throw together a very cool gift bag.  We filled it with lots of sparkly little girl swag, all very gently used items.  I do the fashionista gift bags for her every chance I get, all of them themed after a different decade of fashion. This little get-up has an 80's new wave theme.  For ten dollars we got a silver metallic tote bag with coin purse, three belts, three braclets, a black fuzzy boa, studded Hello Kitty Tee, Levi's cuffed denim shorts, and a bottle of glitter hand sanitizer with holder.

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