Sunday, August 1, 2010

Garage Organization Project: The best Drive by Junking ever!

Our outdoor projects keep getting rained out, we have the chicken coop project almost completed, and the new pasture fence started.  The weather has really been a bummer, but on the up side, the rain left us with an opportunity to take on yet another project......organizing the garage. (Our house is pretty small, so efficiently using the space we have to accommodate our growing family is pretty important).  We were standing around debating our next move, when my dad pulled up with a truck load of salvaged steel shelving (what a coincidence).  These types of visits from my father are lovingly known as "drive by junkings" around here. He used to have this really bad habit of dropping stuff off at our house without asking us first.  The shelf system was removed from a medical office building by my father ( who fortunately for us happens to be in the salvage business). You don't need to have a hook-up in the salvage business to be able to access great finds, the newspaper, craigs list, free-cycle and the Re Place are great resources. We got enough shelving, to set up a new re-cycling station, organize our gear, and we have lots left over for when we get around to conquering the storage room.
what a great surprise!

new recycling area
Setting it up

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