Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birthday Party Craziness

This year I am going to combine the birthday parties of my two children, I expect this won't go well, but I intend to follow through with my plan anyway.  Why would I do such a thing? it's very simple, I need to preserve my sanity so I'll be able to endure their teen years in a dignified manner.   Planning an event for roughly 50 adults and approximately 35 children is something I only want to do once a year, it's a huge expense (and until I'm halfway through my 4th beer during the party) an enormous headache. 
So we started this planning process by selecting a date, and now we've moved onto trying to agree on a theme, cake, and food.  I really have no say in anything, so I just take notes and "make it happen".  So far I have: a request for a pig roast, no moon bounce. a half asst guest list, a request for a pony cake, moon bounce, and a sushi platter, an Ugly doll theme, and I also have a request that a pig NOT be roasted.
When I think back through all the events we've hosted, It surprises me that I still get overwhelmed, I should have this down to a science by now. I'm also amazed by how much our family has changed, our fantastic collection of friends is growing and out numbering our family members, and many of our family members are crossing over into the Friend category,  the unpleasant ones disappearing from the guest list.  Bringing everyone together to celebrate our children is a big deal for us and I'm looking forward to seeing the event come together :)

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