Friday, September 10, 2010

Tadpole Project :)

Science is one of my little students favorite subjects.  There's no end to her curiosity as far as the wonders of nature are concerned, so this fall we ordered some tadpoles to observe and document the change from tadpole to frog.  She started a journal for them immediately, and plans to measure them, and draw a pictures of them daily. We ordered our Live Frog Growing Kit online from a website called Nature Gifts , check out this website, they have an impressive selection of educational products, I can't wait for spring so I can order the Ladybug or Butterfly kit.  We picked a native species of Bullfrog so the frogs could be released as adults next spring.  The kit included everything needed to care for the two tadpoles, and a instruction pamphlet.  Our Tadpoles arrived by priority mail just a few days after the order was placed, and didn't seem stressed by their journey :)

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